Establish a Committee specifically for the promotion of Tourist destinations.

Develop a self-funding  web site for the promotion of facilities based on the Exit 38 theme.

Town Square

Now the Physical Part is constructed we must encourage as much use as possible by and for the Public.

To this end the LCC is making a good effort which must be enhanced and maintained.


Beenleigh CBD

Establish a Committee specifically for the promotion of business activity both Commercial and Retail.

Encourage the LCC to purchase specific parcels of land for the provision and construction of convenient multi story car parking for both the Commercial and Retail sectors.

Establish incentives for the construction of new buildings in the CBD.

Dauth Park

Now that the LCC has committed  funds for planning for this area we must participate and encourage in this process.

Ensure that the plans are made in bite size chunks to enable a piece by piece approach to the  construction of its many parts.

Yatala Economic Area ( Y E A )

Re-establish a committee to identify matters that are restricting development. 



Town Planning regulations and Head Work Charges.

Access to Super Doubles and B Doubles.

Establish an advocacy list specific for the area.

M1 Motorway

Identify the long term solutions.


Upgrade of the Rail Services. (additional cross river rail link)

Upgrade the on-off ramps.

Improve the Service roads.

Upgrade the NBN

Provide incentives for Business to stay at home to work.